Previously – MAUDE A. BUNNELL

Married VERNON WHITING – Aug 1918

The following detailed biography of MAUDE A. WHITING was published in 1929, 9 years after THE WHITING APARTMENTS were built in Pawhuska.

Mrs. MAUDE A. WHITING was born at Oskaloosa, Kansas, and spent her early girlhood in Southern Kansas, where she attended the public grammar and high schools. After her graduation from the Arkansas City High School she taught school for several years. In 1901 she married (first) Daniel Bunnell, of Arkansas City, who died in 1915. After his death she became very active in war work and served as secretary of the local Red Cross, rendering such valuable services that she was made a life-member of that organization and received an honorary certificate, acknowledging her services, from the late President Wilson. Coming to Pawhuska in 1918 after her marriage to Mr. Whiting, she resumed there her activities in Red Cross work and quickly made for herself a leading position in both the business and social circles of the town. By nature very energetic and endowed with unusual executive ability, she has become one of the largest property owners in Pawhuska, owning and managing the Virginia, Washington, Lincoln, Garden and Whiting Apartments, as well as other residential and business properties. She is a member of the Pawhuska Woman’s Club, the Country Club and several other organizations, while her religious affiliations are with the Presbyterian church. 
(Source: Oklahoma, A History of the State and its People, by Joseph B. Thoburn and Muriel H. Wright; Volume IV; Lewis Historical Publishing Company, Inc., New York 1929; transcribed by WJ Fields)